Walk-Ins Every Tuesday & Thursday


Visit our Open House and kick start your new career today!



  • Individuals interested in a new career in the Casino Industry.



The Open House is a great opportunity to meet with a department manager and interview on the spot for a position at Graton Resort & Casino.

Individuals should apply for a position on the Graton website prior to attending an Open House

  • Please check in at the HR Lobby for the Open House
  • Wait times may be up to one hour
  • Rehires are not guaranteed an interview at the Open House



  • Every Tuesday 11:00AM – 1:00PM
  • Every Thursday 11:00AM – 1:00PM



  • Human Resources
  • Please park near the parking garage located on the north side of the property
  • Walk into the ground-level floor of the parking garage
  • Find the double doors labeled “Team Member and Vendor Entrance Only”
    • Security will then buzz the doors to let you in. Pull on the handle to open the door as Security is buzzing you in.
    • Once you reach the double doors, press the buzzer. (The buzzer is located on the wall to the right of the double doors in a black box.)
    • A Security Officer will begin speaking with you through a microphone in the black box
    • Please tell the Security Officer your first name and last name
    • Let the Security Officer know you are here for the Open House.
  • Go to the Human Resources office, first open door on your left, and proceed to the back counter to check in.  Let HR know you are there for the Open House.



  • Government issued photo ID is required for entry
  • Submission of an electronic application on the Graton website is required if an individual is selected to move forward



Attending the Graton Open House is not a guarantee of future employment. All individuals must be able to pass pre-employment drug screening and background checks.