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Describe the business/company’s initiatives or programs focused on diversity, equity, and belonging. Graton initiatives are designed to create an inclusive workplace environment where employees of all backgrounds feel valued, respected, and empowered. Graton is mindful that the DEB landscape is constantly evolving and is always top of mind for staff across all departments and at all levels of the company.

Share examples of employee resource groups, mentorship programs, or training opportunities that promote diversity, equity, and belonging. Graton has created leadership development programs aimed at identifying and developing talented individuals from all backgrounds for leadership roles. These programs include mentorship, coaching, and skills development opportunities.

In addition, Graton ensures that all communication materials, both internal and external, reflect a commitment to diversity and inclusion. This includes using diverse imagery and language that is respectful of different cultures and identities.

How does the business/company engage with external organizations or communities to promote diversity, equity, and belonging? Graton is proud of its ongoing community engagement and philanthropy efforts. Its primary focus is with local communities and organizations that support social justice initiatives. Through volunteering, donations, and partnership campaigns, Graton helps North Bay nonprofit organizations who are working on issues related to diversity, equity, and inclusion.

For example, Graton continues to be the primary supporter of the Sonoma County and San Francisco Pride celebrations each June as well as dedicated to serving and contributing to the Asian community throughout San Francisco and the entire Bay Area.

What steps has the business/company taken to address any challenges or areas for improvement? Seeking feedback through annual surveys from employees about their experiences and perceptions related to diversity, equity, and belonging helps Graton identify areas for improvement and track progress over time.

Furthermore, the executive management team hosts monthly roundtable meetings in which hourly and salaried employees are encouraged to ask questions and give comments or concerns. Graton also incorporates diversity and inclusion guidance throughout year-round training and workshops. Graton’s goal is to raise awareness about unconscious biases, cultural differences, and the importance of creating an inclusive workplace.

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