YES on Prop 26

Proposition 26, the In-Person Tribal Sports Wagering Act, supported by FIGR and most other tribes, would allow sports betting in-person only at tribal casinos and at four horse racing tracks. Prop. 26 will guarantee that children do not have access to gambling by limiting sports betting to Indian casinos and racetracks. Prop. 26 will raise additional money for the state, and more money for tribes that don’t have gaming. Prop. 26 will protect Indian Nation sovereignty.

NO on Prop 27

Proposition 27, the so-called California Solutions to Homelessness and Mental Health Support Act, is a threat to Indian gaming. It would allow sports betting online and on mobile devices, allowing anyone – including children – to place bets on their phone or laptop. Prop. 27 proponents are lying about the amount of money that will be generated to help homelessness and mental health in California. Prop. 27 creates loopholes that will allow out of state operators to avoid paying $100’s of millions of dollars per year that they say they will generate. The non-gaming tribes that believe this will be a windfall for them are being misled. They will only receive 15% of the 10% AFTER deductions are taken. So if 10% is $300M, and 5 operators take their $20M deductions, it becomes 15% of $200M ~ or $30M to distribute among all non-gaming tribes. Today, California gaming tribes contribute more than $130M per year to non-gaming tribes!