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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a part of our team? If so, then you’re in luck. We’re back with another Day in the Life Installment featuring three enthusiastic team members! Each of their unique perspectives offer an in-depth look behind the curtain of what a day at Graton is like. Let’s dive into the world of beverages, dining and rewards and see what they had to say.


Laura – Dining Room Attendant

Laura is originally from Mexico and has been a member of our team for six years. She is no stranger to the casino world with eleven years of casino resort experience. She originally found out about her role after being referred by another current team member.

Question: “What does your normal day look like?”

Before the work day officially starts, Laura likes to begin her day with some Cumbia music to get herself in a good mood. By the time she clocks in, she’s ready to go.

“The first thing that I do when I start my shift is look at the menus. I check what they need for the food, including condiments, utensils and I just make certain everything is ready.”

Laura went on to share that she attends to the needs of her team members by providing dining services including beverages, snacks, and a nice smile to improve their day. Her favorite duty is passing out hot meals for her coworkers to enjoy. Laura is responsible for maintaining her assigned work station at all times and refill areas where supplies are lacking. Her favorite item to serve is ice cream on a hot summer day to help her team cool down and feel refreshed.

Question: “What makes you a good fit for the job?”

“You have to have a lot of patience and be able to listen to people. Sometimes your team may be tired or stressed and if you listen to them, it helps them feel a bit better.”

This is a quality that Laura feels she exemplifies and comes naturally to her. She shared that she loves the opportunity to help lift people up. Laura has had a lot of great experiences including some travel to New York City, Panama, and other destinations with some of her Graton friends.

Laura also has previous experience in waiting tables which is another element of her background that helps her understand some of the ins and outs of how to deal with and perform efficiently in a busy dining environment.

Laura wanted us to know that it is important for any new team members or those that are considering joining our team to know that we have people from all over the world who come to work or visit our property and it is a beautiful thing to be able to learn from the customs and experiences they share. We would like you to know that Laura excels in her role because of her amazing positive nature and energy.


Skylar – Rewards Representative

Skylar joins us from SoCal, hailing from Santa Cruz. She briefly lived in Idaho, but missed the California sun and decided to come back (lucky for us!)

She has been a part of our team for nearly a year. She decided to apply after one of her family members had suggested it. Although she has bartending experience, she opted for something a bit different for a change up and after interviewing with our Rewards Team, she decided it was the right fit.

Question: “What made you feel this was the right job for you?”

“I was looking for something new and the Rewards Center just felt like it would be a perfect fit. I can easily talk to someone so knowing that I’d be on my feet, greeting the bus arrivals didn’t scare me. I’ve done guest service for pretty much my whole working life.”

Skylar went on to provide more insight with a list of daily duties that she regularly performs. Each day when she gets in, Skylar huddles with her team to catch up and refresh herself on all important property updates and casino promotions. She then receives a verbal run down of all functions that she will be responsible for. These can range from providing assistance with Rewards Account updates and promotional offer redemptions, to greeting or bidding a farewell to guests as they enter and exit property, passing out gifts and responding to guest questions at our Guest service station, and acquiring new Rewards program signups. Things are pretty fast paced in a role such as this. She meets many new and returning guests, but Skylar has a strong memory for who she interacts with and as a result, she is able to memorize and anticipate the needs of some of her frequent guests.

Question: “What would you say to someone looking to take on your role?”

“Anybody that is applying should know that if you’re new to the team and you get stuck, I’m going to help. We won’t let you stay confused. The Rewards Team is full of a lot of love and we’re very caring, so we want to make sure that everyone succeeds; we don’t want anyone to fail.”

It is this mentality that has helped Skylar quickly become a job coach for new hires within her department. The desire to be in tune with the needs of her coworkers and guests of our property is what makes Skylar a welcome addition and will continue to fuel her ongoing success.


Jocelyn – VIP Bartender

Jocelyn is a Sonoma County local and has been a part of our team for a little over six years. Time flies when you’re having fun!

The decision for her to apply was an easy choice as she shared that she had always held an interest in bartending. A positive outlook, friendly demeanor, and the ability to see herself behind the bar, led her to the decision of joining our team. Jocelyn was previously a cocktail server before becoming a VIP Bartender.

Question: “What does a day in beverage service look like?”

“Normally, I try to wake up before my son to give myself some extra time to get ready but if not, then I quickly get ready, make him some breakfast and start the day. At the beginning of my shift, I try to communicate with my team to see if anything needs to be restocked. I also check to see which guests have been served so that we don’t overserve our guests.

I’ll serve guests during the my shift and sometimes its super busy (especially on weekends) so the next thing I know it’s already time to close the bar down and prep for the morning shift to come on.”

Jocelyn went on to share that closing at the end of the day typically requires closing out tabs, sanitizing and making sure everything is in order to provide a seamless transition for both her team and for guests by avoiding any possible hiccups if possible. Her favorite part of the job is talking to people from different areas and cultural upbringings. Jocelyn is very appreciative of the opportunity to be a ray of sunshine, brightening the days of guests and team members alike.

Question: “Are there any favorite places or activities on property you enjoy when you’re not working?”

“When I’m craving sushi, I like to go to Boathouse, but if I’m not sure then I like to go to Daily Grill because they have a little bit of everything. If I’m getting a drink, then I do like to go to G Bar. My go to drink is usually a sidecar.”

Jocelyn made sure to note that she feels her team works very well together and are all close with one another. To anyone looking to join her team, Jocelyn’s advice is to take things day by day and if you have any questions, make sure to ask. “It’s easy to feel lost at first, but always remember that we are all here for each other.”

And there we have it! Another glimpse into a Day in the Life at Graton. We’d like to send a big thank you to all three of our participants for taking the time to offer some very useful insights. To those of you that may be interested in becoming a part of the Graton Team, check out our Careers Page for a full listing of all open positions that we have available. See you next time!