Best BBQ in the Bay

July 1, 2022

Big news!  We are very excited to welcome our newest addition to the Graton restaurant family as Everett & Jones BBQ, now open in the Graton Marketplace! This is the first location to grace the North Bay and we’d like to take some time to introduce you all to this award-winning family-owned restaurant that’s building quite the buzz as one of Northern California’s premiere barbeque cuisine destinations.



Everett & Jones BBQ was established by Dorothy Everett in 1973. The name Jones came from her daughter Annie’s husband named James Jones. As a mother of nine children, she took on the tall task of opening her first restaurant in Oakland with the hope of providing new opportunities for herself and for her family.

Advertising by word of mouth, free samples, and fliers allowed for gradual client growth and within a year’s time, her family was able to open a second location. One year after and a third establishment was under way.  As Everett & Jones continued to grow, word had spread to some very noteworthy ears including local and national newspapers, magazine publications, and critics. Food & travel Author Charlie Haas crowned Everett & Jones BBQ as the best barbecue in Northern California with a feature on the cover of New West Magazine in 1979.

Since opening, celebrities, famous athletes, musicians and more have continued to acknowledge Everett & Jones as the gold standard of barbecue in California. With the likes of John Madden, Tyra banks, Snoop Dogg, Too Short, Patti Labelle, Maya Angelou, Gary Payton, and Bill Clinton visiting your establishment, you know the food must be off the charts!


The Food

Everett & Jones BBQ has one little, tasty secret that brings out the best in what they have to offer, and that’s the sauce! “Super Q” Sauce presents a perfect blend of tangy and smokey goodness with just the right amount of kick that’s so irresistibly, mouthwateringly good, customers consistently purchase it by the jar directly through their website. With three spice ranges, there’s a little something for everyone to enjoy. Dorothy must be proud to know that her recipe has continued to please hungry clients for nearly 50 years!

Speaking of recipes, there are a few items on the menu that you have to try on your first visit!


Pork Ribs

These mouthwateringly juicy ribs are a staple of the menu, and for good reason. Served with a generous helping of sauce, these slow smoked ribs have been awarded the title of Bay Area’s Best Ribs by Oakland Tribune Readers.


Sliced Beef Brisket

Staying in line with their perfected slow cooking method, the Sliced Beef Brisket is marinated with their unique “Goop” Sauce and roasted over oak wood chips to create a crisp outer coating that’s out of this world!


Homemade Links

Dorothy’s Homemade Links have stood the test of time and provided generations with a memorable meal that is made fresh daily and maintains a standard of excellence in the kitchen.


Thanks for reading! We can’t wait for you to get a taste of what Everett & Jones BBQ has to offer! A huge thank you to the late Dorothy Everett and her family for joining the Graton Family. For more delicious food and drink content, please visit our social channels. We hope to see you soon!